Meraki - The Meaning Behind the Name, Cont.

The Magic of the word Meraki: a thought on the difference between working just using rationality or adding the heart. ♥︎ The Greek language has an extraordinary word to describe an approach to doing things with passion, with all the heart: meraki.

Meraki, μεράκι, literally means "essence of ourselves".

The actual translation represents a concept that cannot be translated in one word but it means " something done with one's soul, with creativity, effort and a lot of love".

It is often used to describe the way a home is decorated or to prepare a good lunch or to do anything you put your soul into. It could be translated this way: "creativity, love, passion, putting something of yourself into your work". Therefore it's a personal and creative touch that makes the actions performed special and unique. 

A "Meraki" approach can support difficult moments: it helps to improve the habit of change and it is an excellent exercise that overturns negative visions of life. The magic of this word doesn’t end here. In fact, the term MeraKi contains the word Ki, which from Sanskrit, to Hebrew, as in Chinese and Korean, can be summarized into the Japanese translation of "vital energy".

氣 ki is equivalent to the Greek word πνευμα (pneuma, the vivifying breath) from πνειν (to blow). It is the name given to the "internal" energy of the body. Ki is the essence, the seed, the germ, the nucleus where the meaning of life condenses. As the cell knows its purpose, it knows who it is and what it has to do and works tirelessly to be itself, even the human being has a specific task in life: Seeking it, discovering it, understanding it and realizing it is the key to happiness.

Ki is therefore the Life Force that flows in every living organism.

In martial arts it indicates the ability to concentrate and direct personal power during combat. It expresses the continuous desire to grow and learn.

Therefore, starting from our passion and willingness is the first step to overcome any challenge and inspire innovation. To enhance all our activities and give our work an unrepeatable meaning.

Acting with a "meraki " approach can make a big difference!