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Whether you need help with your personal style, shopping for clothes or an overhaul of your closet, we've got you. 


Discover fresh ways to wear your wardrobe! A Meraki Stylist will create polished, put together outfits using your clothing, shoes, and accessories. Bonus! Your Stylist will arrange your new outfits by occasion in your own personal lookbook. Don’t spend another morning wondering what to wear!

Your Personal Styling will include:

• Complete, styled outfits
• Photograph of each outfit
• Outfits organized by occasion
• Outfits arranged in a digital lookbook, accessible anywhere

$480 for Up to 4 Hours
$580 on Saturdays



We believe that shopping for clothes for yourself should be a routine part of self care.  It shouldn't be stressful! Shopping can be an anxiety producing activity for many of us. Whether we're not feeling particularly great about our bodies, we don't have the time, we're tired, we're skint, we feel guilty for spending money on ourselves; there's a million reasons why we put off shopping. "Do I really need that?" Maybe not. But how about we reframe that question to read, "Do I really want that?" If the answer is yes, why not treat yourself? It's ok to put yourself first, no matter what your role in life is.  For many of us, we simply don't know what to choose and it can be overwhelming - especially with the seemingly never ending choices we have in today's world. How many times have you filled a cart while shopping online and left it there when it came time to checkout? How many times have you bought something online only to have it arrive and have it look and feel nothing like the picture? You either return it or it sits in your closet collecting dust.

We're here to help! We will guide you every step of the way to help you enjoy shopping. We will help you find items that best fit your personality, body type, and budget.  

Together, we’ll assess each piece to find the most flattering looks for you. Hello dream wardrobe! And, with our access to thousands of brands there's pretty much nothing we can't find for you!



• Personalized shopping plan based on your style and budget
• Typed wishlist
• Shopping together for new clothing, shoes, and accessories
• Full evaluation of each item
• Recommendation of items to purchase and items to forego

$480 for Up to 4 Hours
$580 on Saturdays

Please note: Cost of clothing is not included in the service fee.



Don’t have time to go shopping? Let us shop for you! Keeping your personal style and budget in mind, we'll track down the items on your wishlist, create a "virtual closet" and send it your way! 



• Online shopping based on your style and budget
• Multiple options of each item on your wishlist
• Money saving coupon codes and deals whenever available
• Personalized notes and recommendations

$120 Per Hour

Please note: Cost of clothing is not included in the service fee.



Time to simplify your wardrobe! Whether you have too much or not enough in your wardrobe, a Meraki Stylist will educate you on the best clothing for your body, coloring, makeup and style, and help you rework or eliminate the rest. Finally achieve closet clarity!


• Evaluation of each item in your closet
• Tailoring notes for the pieces that need to be altered to fit properly
• Wishlist of new clothing, shoes, and accessories to add to your wardrobe
• List of great looks for your body shape
• Garments rearranged according to type and color
• Delivery of unwanted items to a local charity

$400 for Up to 4 Hours
$500 on Saturdays

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