Calling All Small Business Owners

Community is the most important thing to have when you own a small business.

Owning a small business can be incredibly stressful, and having other people who understand can make all the difference in the world. 

I have found myself needing to talk to someone when things get chaotic and I feel overwhelmed more times than I can count. I've looked for local groups, meetups, etc., to no avail. So, I figured I'd try to start my own. 

I played a lot of sports in high school, and there is something about the camaraderie of a group of people that gives you the kind of strength and confidence that every small business owner can benefit from.

If you're a fellow small business owner who has found yourself needing "people" - join us. 

I would like to have a minimum of 10 people to start out; once I have that I will plan an activity or event. The first will be a meet and greet of sorts, but very, very relaxed. You can come in your PJs if you want!

I know that I will benefit greatly from this, and I need it - desperately. So please, come one, come all! Men and women are both encouraged. 

If you're interested:

Send me an email at

Message me on social: Insta @shopmerakiboutik, Facebook @shopmerakiboutik

Shoot me a text: (best way to get me) 845-389-7700

I hope to hear from my fellow small business owners!