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Flip Rings Reversible Zodiac Collection

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FlipRing Zodiac Collection

Etched Zodiac sign on one side with its meaning on the other; flip it and wear it any way you'd like - depending on your mood. 

FlipRings are medical grade silicone, hypo-allergenic, ultra-comfortable, waterproof, and won't rub off on your skin or clothes.

Weight: Incredibly light. Width: 6mm. Thickness: 2mm.

Flip Rings are one size. They are designed to fit snug but will stretch and conform to your finger. Technically speaking they are a size 7 (17.2mm diameter) which is the average women's ring size in the U.S.

Not sure what your ring size is? It doesn't matter! Wear them on any finger, thumb or even toes. It's all good!

What's your sign?

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