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Emerald Pendant Necklace X Dynamo

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An affordable luxury with just the right pop of color, the Emerald natural stone statement necklace is a necklace for all seasons.
As seen on The Young and The Restless S49, E05 
✨ A dazzling display of color ranging from jade to alpine green, this chunky gold plated brass statement necklace features a trio of natural stones with Emerald, Apatite and Pyrite for a one of a kind look. Although the design may be replicated, Mother nature rarely duplicates itself so each pendant on the necklace is completely unique to its wearer. The necklace features a parrot toggle clasp which is in the front of the necklace rather than the back adding an additional eye catching element to the piece. All components on necklace are lead and nickel free.
✨Necklace is 17 inches in length
while the pendant hangs down an additional 1.5 inches in length