Taking the time to devote oneself completely and to focus on the current activity. The idea of ​​adding love with consciousness and the essence of oneself to everything we do; what a wonderful way to spread love and happiness!

  • Boyfriend

    Slightly slouchy and relaxed through the hip for an easy, everyday fit.

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  • Flare Leg

    Slim from hip through thigh with a kick at the knee. 

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  • Straight Leg

    Slim and straight all the way down with a classic, streamlined fit.

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  • Wide Leg

    A qloose silhouette with a comfy, chic vibe. Relaxed through the leg from thigh to ankle.

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  • Skinny

    Sleek and slim with a second skin, fitted silhouette.

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  • Bootcut

    Comfortable through the hip and thigh, with a flattering break at the knee.

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  • Ethically Sourced

    We do our best to buy brands that use environmentally responsible techniques when creating their products. Small batch, dead stock, and made in the USA are just a few of the things we look for when buying our inventory.

  • Meticulously Curated

    Our buying process takes a tremendous amount of time! We choose merchandise strategically; from picking pieces that our customers will love, making sure everything merchandises well together, to agreeing with the values of the companies we buy from, every aspect of our merchandise is carefully thought through before we put it on the sales floor.

  • Virtual Styling

    We offer virtual styling anywhere in the world. A Meraki Stylist can help you with all of your fashion needs, no matter where you reside.