Why Layering is Everything

Why Layering is Everything

You're about to put your favorite summer slip dress into storage for the season - but wait! You don't have to! Because layer, layer, layer.  

Layering is kind of fashion's best kept secret. It allows you to wear pieces all year as opposed to one season which not only adds to your wardrobe options, it adds value to the pieces you buy. It adds interest to an otherwise mundane outfit; for example, that old turtleneck you've had forever? By itself - blah. Underneath a sweater vest, a band tee or a button down? Chic! 

Layering is an intentional way of dressing that takes confidence and skill. I've always loved "ballet core" - meaning, I like to wear outfits that look like I'm going to a ballet class, not the grocery store.


My current favorite layering outfit:

The base: a yoga onsie

Layered with:

No. 1: 

- A sheer tulle skirt with a slouchy tee

- A tank and a blazer

- A denim jacket

No. 2:

Paperbag waist harem pants, a cropped tee and a zip up hoodie


Leg warmers. I wear them until it's time for flip flops. And then I wear the kind that ballet dancers wear. 



When I layer the mannequins in my windows, every piece on them sells very quickly. When I'm either too tired, not feeling inspired or creative, or don't feel well and just put something on them to put something on them? The pieces don't sell as well. Even if I am my best self and, for example, put a sweater and jeans on a mannequin as opposed to a sweater with something layered underneath? People aren't as drawn to it. 

Why do you think that is? 

Layering adds interest! It's fun and eye-catching. 

You can basically create a whole new wardrobe just by layering. 

So gets to it! And when you do - we would love for you to send us pictures!! 



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