Sex and the City: Why We Love it so Much

Sex and the City: Why We Love it so Much

If you've been to our storefront and looked through various pages on our website you'll see a lot of Sex and the City.

But why?

The fashion, obviously.

The not so obvious reason: it's focus on female friendships. In fact, Sex and the City was the first show to focus on female friendships!

Sex and the City is iconic not only for it's fashion, but for it's friendships. It taught us that we don't need a man to feel happy or fulfilled. It taught us that no matter how wonderful or seemingly perfect a man may be, if we're not in love with him we shan't settle. We saw four women who weren't pitted against each other, rather they were incredibly supportive of one another. They were kind to one another. They made each other laugh. They knew that no matter how awful things were they always had each other to fall back on. They were always there to catch each other, no matter how hard the fall. They loved each other enough to tell the hard truths. They were a family; the family they chose. They respected and valued one another. Yet, they were all very different. In my opinion, that's what made them work so well. It was like an equation where each one of them had different strengths and weaknesses and together they balanced each other out. And isn't that the ideal for any team?

SATC was the first show to say that women don't need to ride the conveyor belt of life to be happy. They had fun; they drank, had sex, worked hard and most of the time loved their lives. The show opened our minds to the possibility that there was a different kind of life to live besides getting married and having children - and that it was ok to live that life. 

On a personal note, I will admit that I may be a bit bias. I had three girlfriends that were my family through my junior high and high school years. I have said on many occasions that if I hadn't had my girlfriends I don't know where I would be. They were my lifeline. When I was having a particularly bad depressive episode they came and sat with me when I couldn't get out of bed. They were the people I called when something really good or really bad happened. They were there for me through every break-up, and when I couldn't eat because I was too sad or anxious they brought me food. There was nothing that we didn't talk about and we did everything together. After we graduated from high school, and then college, we lived together. I drove to Boston University almost every weekend to see one of the three, often with one of the others. 

I remember one night, my best friend had her dad's pickup truck. While another friend drove, we laid in the back staring up at the stars and talking about the sound the trees made when the branches passed overhead. I remember telling myself, "You're so lucky this is your life right now. But you know it won't stay this way forever - it can't - so soak up every moment that you can, while you can." 

Those friendships shaped me and are a (very) large part of who I am today. I never felt stronger then when I was with my girlfriends. I loved them, and still love them, more than anything in the world. I didn't have the experience where women were against each other; my experience taught me that women, together, create a kind of bond that is inimitable and a strength that is unbreakable. 

I have never doubted - not for one second - that these women are my soulmates. 

Life is hard.

It's hard to find people who love you no matter what, and you'll never get through it without your friends.

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