Celebrity Style and Culture

Celebrity Style and Culture

The best way to keep up with current fashion trends? Celebrities.

I credit my years of buying tabloid magazines for a very large portion of my fashion sense. I bought US Weekly and InTouch regularly - I found them to be much more informative than magazines like Vogue or Instyle. Before you burn me at the stake for saying such a thing, let me explain! The Tabloid magazines I bought were mostly photos, and I have always loved looking at photos of beautiful women. I have especially always loved looking at photos of (what I consider) beautiful women in beautiful fashion. I study them. Their faces, their hair, and of course their clothes. I didn't know it at the time, but I was, in a way, educating myself on fashion simply by studying photos of celebrities in magazines. 

Celebrity culture in and of itself is such a strange thing. Why do we look up to these people so much? Why do we value their input and style choices to the point of, for some, an obsession? Why do some celebrities end up having a cult following where "fans" will buy anything and do anything to look like them? There are millions of people with 100x the talent clawing their way into the fashion world, many who will never get their big break. Today it's more common for a celebrity to have a fashion line than not. Why? It comes down to two things:

1. Money.

How many of the fashion lines that celebrities launch actually come from their talent? I would be willing to bet very few. (Except for J-Lo of course. J-lo is the queen of the world - although I don't care for her clothing.) Their "talent" is the people they pay to create their fashion lines, and it's always been a bit of a hot button issue for me.

The second thing it comes down to, which is the most important thing in today's world of TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook....

2. Marketing. 

Marketing is everything. No matter what you're pedaling, if you don't market it well you will never sell it. Someone selling a .99 necklace from Temu who marks it up 100X and markets it well - packaging, colors, etc., - vs. someone who spends thousands of dollars on quality materials, went to school to be a master jewelry designer and spends hours creating exquisite pieces but doesn't market their product well? The .99 necklace will win every time. J-lo may be Queen, but marketing is KING. (Pop-up thought: Why is King better than Queen?) 

Now, enjoy looking through photos of my favorite celebrity style. Both from my decade and the current decade - which are close to being on in the same. 



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  • Sarah Jessica Parker Outfit

    Sarah Jessica Parker

    A simple, classic outfit with shoes that kick it up a notch. Would we expect anything else from SJP?

  • Bella Hadid

    Said to be one of the most influential celebrities when it comes to fashion, this outfit looks like it came from my closet in the 90s. Sambas!

  • Selena Gomez in Coach + Denim

    I cut this image out of a magazine when it first appeared; I absolutely love this look!

  • Jessica Alba in Tulle

    The photo that inspired me to buy tulle skirts for the store — also from years ago. This is one of my all time favorites looks.

  • Blake Lively

    If it has stars I’ll probably love it. This is no exception! I adore this look.

  • Jennifer Aniston

    I have been obsessed with Jennifer Aniston since I was a teenager. My walls were covered with photos of her and Janet Jackson! Her style has changed over the years but her signature look is classic and timeless.

  • Rachel Bilson

    I became quite enamored with Rachel Bilson after I watched Hart of Dixie. I loved her style on the show, and just as much in real life. She seems to be one of the most down to earth celebrities there is.

  • Sienna Miller

    I love the I’m not trying to look fabulous but I do anyway look.

  • Bella Hadid No. 2

    Chanel. Elegant street style. Trés chic.

  • Sarah Jessica Parker No. 2

    All the layers.

  • Selena Gomez No. 2

    Denim that fits like a glove and a cropped sweater vest - fabulous.